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Surveying Solutions, Bolton & Menk, Inc.

precision powered by integrity

Our Company

Since 1999, Surveying Solutions has been committed to providing quality residential and commercial land surveying in the Carolinas and Virginia. Throughout this time, collaboration, outstanding client service and an innovative spirit have been the pillars of our success enabled through the dedicated work of the Surveying Solutions Team and trust of our clients who have rewarded this work with wonderful opportunities for our ongoing success.


As we look to the future, it is evident the desirable place in which we live is continuing to provide us ever expanding opportunities to advance both our core services and develop additional service lines based on technological innovation. With this in mind, I am excited to announce the partnership of Surveying Solutions and Bolton & Menk, Inc.


Bolton & Menk, Inc. provides public infrastructure planning and engineering solutions to communities and public agencies throughout the Upper Midwest and the Southeast United States. Their commitment to clients began in 1949 and their goals today are simple – make progress by listening to what people want, finding the best solutions for their needs, and treating them right. Their values are based on the belief that all people should live in safe, sustainable, and beautiful communities.


Surveying Solutions is now a part of the Bolton & Menk, Inc. Team. You can still find us 307 East Main Street in Youngsville, NC.
Visit Bolton & Menk at

Sponsored Programs



The Kiwanis Children's Fund focuses on developing resources that transform the goodwill and vision of Kiwanians into programs that serve the children of the world.

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Hope Reins

Hope Reins of Raleigh serves kids in life crisis through their 33-acre ranch, rescued horses, and restoration in Christ. Services are free of charge and made possible by sponsors.

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The Miracle League

The Miracle League of Franklin County gives special needs’ individuals with all levels of abilities a place to play baseball while families, buddies and the community cheer them on.

Aerial view of Youngsville, NC
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Surveying Solutions pickup truck in a cleared construction site

I am the Director of Business here at Surveying Solutions. I could not have a better place to call home. The environment created is one to dream of. It stems from an owner who cares and has compassion not only for his employees but everyone. We value all of our employees because they are the most important part of our business. Without them none of this would be possible!! We also have the best clients; they use our professional services to help further their projects in a timely manner. 

- Surveying Solutions Director of Business

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