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Surveying in the Sky

Here at Surveying Solutions, we are constantly striving to be good ambassadors of our mission statement. We believe this means being proactive in finding new, efficient ways to serve our clients and community. This week, we are excited to share with you two new services we are offering, and how we believe they can best be utilized.


Our field team members have been studying hard to receive their license to pilot drones. We currently have three licensed UAV pilots on staff. With the diversity of abilities in the drone industry, our hope is that we can offer our clients several different kinds of services and have flexibility to meet clients' specific needs.

In the realm of surveying, we hope to enhance our services such as collecting aerial data, general surveying, and 3D modeling. We believe this can assist architects when creating designs because it will improve accuracy as their projects move along. In the field of engineering, we are confident this new service can increase the efficiency of our surveys, data collecting and assisting with inspections as well. With this advanced drone technology, it provides increased accuracy with projects including oil pipelines, transmission cables etc. Overall, it will greatly increase our efficiency of services in the surveying industry.

We are also excited to offer our drones for general services as well. Our drone pilots have the capability to perform flyovers for residential and commercial properties, providing a unique perspective to include in the property listing for potential buyers. We can also provide this type of videography or photography service for businesses to use as marketing material or for events such as weddings, conferences, or whatever your need may be. In addition, we hope to eventually provide training for other individuals and companies looking to use drones in their field.

We are thrilled to be expanding our services in these ways. We believe our commitment to drone technology will be beneficial to many of our current and future clients. If you are interested in any of these services for your business or have any questions, we'll be happy to speak with you and help you with any surveying needs you have.

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